Staff Engagement Made Simple

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We didn’t become the 2015 Echo Business Portfolio Awards ‘Employer of the Year’ for nothing you know… Ever since Pebbletree was launched back in 2005, we have built the company on the ideals that by keeping our team and our customers happy, we can become a success.
Over the past decade a lot of changes have been made here, and we have managed to maintain those beliefs throughout our journey, with a number of instances where our decision to build upon those core foundations has been justified, some of which include our ‘Employer of the Year’ award, the success of our brands, their own award wins, and of course, Pebbletree celebrating 10 years as a business.

Don’t get us wrong, it is not always simple, and sometimes it is nigh on impossible to keep everyone happy, but how we see it is that, if you manage to keep your staff engaged, if you put in the effort to engage with them, then happiness levels are certainly greater in the office! Because you know what, if you keep positivity within your team, then that comes across through their service levels, ensuring your customers stay happy too!
Check out our infographic below for our top tips on how to keep you staff engaged, happy and enjoying working for your company!
Staff engagement made simple
It truly is that simple! If you invest time, and money into your staff, you can expect results and customer service to improve, in turn improving your bottom line! Take a leaf out of our book, a happy workforce leads to happy customers!

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