​​On a weekly basis our Support Team receive calls from a number of curious businesses, who each ask the same question: “Is VoIP right for my business?” To be honest with you, the question couldn’t be any easier to answer!
VoIP is the modern, cost-effective, flexible alternative to using a traditional landline provider for your business phones.
No matter your business size, from an ebay seller, to a new startup, or even a large, corporate multinational, you can profit from the incredible benefits that VoIP has to offer… All you need is an internet line!
Soho66 Infographic - Is VoIP right for me
You see! It really is that simple; many people don’t realise that it is pretty easy to take advantage of the latest in communication technology. With a host of features from Voicemail to Email, IVR, Out of Hours Routing, Virtual Receptionist and Hunt Groups available with different packages, your business efficiency will go through the roof!

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