The Pebbletree Superheroes

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Little is known about how the Green Shadow came about his MicroPebble, what the experiment involves, or how he managed to manipulate the DNA sequence of his fellow team members, to build his Pebbletree Superheroes.
What we do know, what we have come to learn through their brave efforts and media coverage, is who this team of superheroes are, what powers they have, and how they are helping to save the world from poor service, expensive contracts, and the evils of sub-standard business telecommunications!

In our infographic below we take a look at each of our heroes, and the people behind the costume. Learn all about where they come from, what their pasts involved, and what powers they harness in order to protect businesses from dodgy telecoms!
Pebbletree superheroes infographic
We have a host of YouTube videos and footage of our heroes in action, take a moment to get to know them, connect with us on social media, and let us know who is your favourite!

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